Professional Theatre For Maine

Tigers Be Still

Jan 29, 2014

by by Kim Rosenstock

High School students will find they have a great deal to identify with in the lives of these characters. This quirky, endearing and uplifting comedy is a heart-felt look at how we survive the tough moments in life and help each other get back in the game. It also explores what it means to be a family and how hope can be rekindled in the unlikeliest places by the unlikeliest people. Twenty-four year old Sherry has a Masters degree in Art Therapy - which means she’s unemployed and living back at home. Her recently jilted sister is already there, glued to the couch, nursing her broken heart with endless replays of "Top Gun” and a bottle of scotch. Eighteen year old Zack, riddled with sorrow and guilt over his mother’s recent death, is rebelling against everything.

Tigers Be Still contains adult language. It is suitable for grades 10, 11, 12

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