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Makin' Whoopie: Ida LeClair's Guide to Love and Marriage

Nov 9, 2018

by by Susan Poulin

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What do a Whoopie Pie and Marriage have in common?

Makin' Whoopie: Ida LeClair's Guide to Love & Marriage


Sit down with Susan Poulin on 207 to hear all about Makin' Whoopie!

Makin' Whoopie on 207


(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- You may not know Ida LeClair, but Susan Poulin is pretty sure you know someone like her. Ida is a character Poulin created and brings to life in stage shows and standup appearances, a true Mainer who lives in Mahoosuc Mills (if you can’t find it on a map, that’s because it’s not on a lot of maps) and works at the Super Food World, formerly the A & P.

The Public Theatre is pleased to present the return of Susan Poulin in her latest and funniest new show, Makin’ Whoopie – Ida LeClair’s Guide to Love & Marriage!

Is your “happily ever after” in need of a little fine tuning? It’s Ida to the rescue!

In Makin’ Whoopie!, Ida tackles the big questions like, “How do I get my sexy back?” and “You want me to do what with your ashes?”

Get the inside scoop on senior tattoos, staycation do’s and don’ts, and hear the latest adventures of the Woman Who Runs with the Moose. As Ida says, “Charlie and me have been married for over forty years. That don’t make me an expert. But it certainly gives me a lot to talk about!”



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