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The Public Theatre is a Professional Equity Theatre (SPT category 9). 

2017-18 Audition Information

Audition appointments for specific roles will be held throughout the season in NYC and at the theatre. With the exception of the open EPA calls, auditions throughout the season are by appointment only, with readings from the script we are casting.

As we use an in-house casting director, if you would like to be considered for any role in our season, we suggest sending us your picture and resume for our files. Prior to setting up our audition calls, we look through our files, submissions from breakdown services and the Equity hotline.

Our rehearsal schedule is generally 12 - 8pm Tues - Sun. The producers are open to non-traditional casting, minorities are encouraged to submit themselves for all projects.



INSTEAD, MAIL US A HARD COPY OF YOUR PICTURE AND RESUME, (or a note or postcard if you have previously auditioned for us), mentioning the role(s) you would like to be considered for to:

The Public Theatre
31 Maple Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240

The producers are open to non-traditional casting. Minorities are encouraged to audition and to send pictures/resumes.”

See breakdown of roles.

Maine Auditions

The local EPA will be held at the theatre on Monday, July 31, 2017 from 11:30 am - 4:30 pm. Please call 782-2211 to make an appointment.

New York Auditions

The NYC EPA will be held at the AEA audition center on Monday, August 7, 2017 from 9:30 am -5:30 pm.


2017-18 Season Breakdown



Contract dates: Oct 2 thru October 29, 2017

OLYMPEDE GOUGES - 38 Badass activist playwright and feminist.  A theater nerd seeking inspiration, she is excitable and passionate about the theatre, but tends to politically waffle when things get too scary.

MARIE ANTOINETTE - 38 (CAST Auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary.) Beautiful, commanding, self-centered, she is the former Queen of France. Bubbly, graceful, opinionated, totally unaware of her narcissism, she is unintentionally rude and oddly prescient and strong-willed. She’s never had a real friend.

MARIANNE ANGELLE - 30s A brave black woman in Paris. She is from the Caribbean. A free woman, she calls things as she sees them and has a way of cutting through everyone’s B.S with great wisdom and directness. She is a spy working with her husband to free all slaves. A devoted wife, she passionately adores her husband and is concerned for his safety. Tough, classy, vigilant, when she puts you in her sites, you will listen to what she says.

CHARLOTTE CORDAY - 25 a gutsy, spunky, impulsive, badass young girl and soon to be assassin. Think girl next door looks meets Joan of Arc idealism, passion and bravery.  Aggressive and hardened by righteousness, she’s never been kissed. Her passion is infectious; she’s the sparkplug that ignites the others.


A CHRISTMAS CAROL − Christopher Schario

Contract dates: November 27 − December 10, 2017

This adaptation features a small cast playing multiple roles and one actor playing Scrooge. All actors perform narration of Dickens’ text, as well as scene work. Both British dialect and Standard American Speech are used in this adaptation. Show requires versatile actors who make playful choices and are good with language.

All AEA roles (Scrooge, Bob Cratchit/Marley, Xmas Past/Mrs. Cratchit) areCAST. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary.


FLY ME TO THE MOON – Marie Jones

Contract dates: January 8 thru February 4, 2018

Both roles require a Belfast dialect

LORETTA MACKIE – (CAST Auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary.) Mid to late 30s, lower class community care worker, easily excitable, somewhat innocent her conscience is screaming at her. A reluctant follower.

FRANCIS SHEILDS - mid to late 30s, lower class community care worker. Straight-talking, somewhat jaded, opportunistic, calculating and clever. The ringleader.


MARJORIE PRIME– Jordan Harrison

Contract dates: February 26 thru March 25, 2018

MARJORIE - 85 Beautiful, direct, opionated, forceful. A former violinist battling dementia. A little vain, a little grumpy, a little frightened (but good at covering it). Struggling to connect with her daughter. Has an easier rapport with her son-in-law. Stubborn

WALTER - Early-Mid 30s. A young career man from 1998. Bright-eyed, handsome, warm – a charming “wooer.” Boyish, but still masculine. In love with Marjorie (he treats her like an equal, not like an elderly woman with dementia in need of care). A good listener. An innocent who is quick to learn irony. Solicitous. 

TESS - 55. Marjorie’s daughter. Skeptical, smart, well-read. A worrier. Judgmental, of herself most of all. Shares caregiving duties with her husband Jon. Despite her best intentions, she falls into a kind of bickering loop with her mom. Battling depression, but not without humor. Fragile but forceful. Likes to feel in control. Trying not to feel resentful. Hardened by her wounds. A West coast wasp.

JON - 55. Tess’s husband, Marjorie’s son-in-law. Formerly a barnstorming hippie, now an upper middle-class procurer of lattes. Warm, caring, tolerant. Thinks more of others than himself. Unassuming but he grows on you with his steadfast heart. He married up when he married Tess. His ease with Marjorie sometimes drives a wedge between his wife and himself. He gets frustrated with Tess’s tendency to see the worst in things, but he’s good at covering this frustration. Thinks of it as his secret mission to heal Tess’s family of the dysfunctions caused by their long-buried grief.


Contract dates: April 16 thru May 13, 2018

TOM TERRES - late 60s. A wallflower in high school, he now owns a book store and has become a very successful award winning writer of mystery novels –under a pseudonym.  Intelligent and witty with a self-deprecating charm, he is making an effort to come out of his shell and improve his emotional intelligence. Needs to foxtrot, rhumba, cha-cha and waltz – must move well.

BETTINA BELKNAP - late 60s. An attractive, warm, witty, perceptive, authentically confident and intelligent women. She was the H.S. valedictorian and is now a passionate neuroscientist who loves her work – perhaps more than she did her deceased husband. She’s quite the “catch”. Needs to foxtrot, rhumba, cha-cha and waltz – must move well.

MALE ACTOR - 30s. Must play an age range of 17 to 70 in various memory scenes including a stern older man, a charming sexy teenager, an arrogant chauvinistic academic, and a young Tom.

FEMALE ACTOR - 30s. Must play a an range of 18 to late 50s in various memory scenes – including a trying too hard assistant in love with her boss, a young and resentful wife on the verge of divorce, a curious and bubbleheaded teenager, and a young Bettina.

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