Professional Theatre For Maine

The Public Theatre takes pride in its partnership with local businesses working together for the enrichment of the Lewiston-Auburn area. A community's support for the arts says a great deal about the quality of life enjoyed by its citizens. Very few communities of our size have a thriving Equity theatre. Since 1991, our annual attendance has grown from 1,200 in our first season to nearly 16,000 last year. With the generous support of businesses and foundations, The Public Theatre is able to provide exciting professional theatre at an affordable top ticket price of only $20. We also offer unique educational opportunities for thousands of students and teachers in our community and its surrounding area. With the support of our educational sponsors we are helping to create the theatregoers of tomorrow, offering students and their teachers the opportunity to see our special student matinee performances for only $5 a ticket. Our varied educational programming has touched the lives of thousands of children, many who are experiencing theatre for the first time.

We welcome your support.

Why should you support The Public Theatre? Some businesses support us because they believe in our mission of bringing quality professional theatre to the people of Maine, at an affordable price. Or they like our plays and the quality of our productions. Or they believe that being associated with cultural events puts their business in a good light. Economic impact studies prove that arts organizations typically leverage an additional $3 to $7 for the local economy for every dollar spent on a ticket - dollars for local restaurants, parking and gift shops, local printers who print programs and posters, and caterers to name a few. 87% of Americans in some polls want their children to have arts education, and when pressed can be articulate about the impact of the arts on their lives.

When people go to see a play, their imagination is encouraged. They are asked not only to imagine the lives that they see onstage but to see greater possibilities in their own lives. Supporting The Public Theatre makes you an agent for change, change that elevates, that expands, that unleashes potential and galvanizes the collective imagination.

Corporate Sponsorship levels range from $250 - $12,500 with a variety of benefits offered at every level. For more information on becoming a sponsor call our business office at 782-2211.