Professional Theatre For Maine

This is an extremely important volunteer job.  We are very grateful to all of our poster volunteers for posting over 700 posters in Lewiston/Auburn and the surrounding communities.  Without them, it would be nearly impossible to cover that much territory. 

In return for this important service, they receive complimentary tickets to each show they post.

The number of tickets awarded depends on the specific route.  Some have many posters close together. Some have fewer posters spread out over a larger area. It generally comes out to 1 ticket ($20 value) per 15-20 posters, with each route having a minimum of one ticket. The tickets are only good for the show you are posting and cannot be saved or switched to another production.

We are seeking volunteers for the following Poster Routes:

  • Gray
  • New Gloucester / Dry Mills
  • Poland / Poland Spring
  • Portland

View the poster route details

If you are interested in one of these routes, please Call 782-2211 now for more information or Email Us Today!