Professional Theatre For Maine

Don't find yourself thinking "I meant to see that show."  

Subscribing is the best way to make sure you go.  Reserve your tickets now or later.  If your plans change, no problem!  

Subscriptions include one ticket each to Women in JeopardySexy LaundryI and You, and Middletown, plus a BONUS ticket good to bring one person to any one of those shows. 

We are sure one of our subscription options will be perfect for you.

Same Day Plan

This plan guarantees you the same seats for all performances from season to season, if you are willing to commit to attending the same performance day for all productions. This plan is best for people who find themselves always attending the same performance (ie.,“We always come the 1st Sunday”). Easy, NO-FEE exchanges if your plans change.

Flex Plan

If you enjoy the flexibility of coming on a Thursday night for one show, a Sat night for the next show, or your schedule won’t allow planning months in advance – we recommend our FLEXIBLE SUBSCRIPTION. Reserve your seats now or later!



Adults:  $102

Students** (19+ with Student ID): $82

*Includes $2 handling fee per subscription

**Proof of eligibility for the Student Subscription price may be required when processing your subscription order.

Have a Young Theatre Lover?

Youth Subscriptions* are just $40! - Most of our Subscription Series is appropriate for 9th Grade and up.  

*Youth Subscriptions do not include a Bonus Ticket, and have no handling fee.


Read more and treat yourself to a subscription to The Public Theatre.


Why Subscribe?

How many times have you told a friend "let's get together soon" and don't? In our busy world, the best way to guarantee that you'll actually get out of the house is to pick a date and put it in your calendar. No more "I meant to", "I missed it" or "I heard it was great" - just subscribe and go! It IS that simple.

Get a FREE Bonus Ticket

Every Subscription includes a Bonus Ticket, valued at $25. Give it away as a gift, or bring a friend for free, to any play in the subscription series. (partial and Youth Subscriptions are not eligible for the Bonus Ticket)

Get First Choice of the Best Seats

Subscribers can make their reservations before tickets go on sale to the general public.

Bring your Family and Friends!

No processing fees when you purchase additional single tickets for Subscription Series shows.

It's Flexible, with NO EXCHANGE FEES!

If your plans change, you can change the date of your existing reservation at no extra charge up to 24 hrs in advance (subject to availability).

Everyone Benefits!

Not only is subscribing one of the best ways to support and invest in the cultural life of your community, but it’s a great way to be introduced to plays you may not already be familiar with. Trying new things is one of the best ways to feel vital and engaged in the world.

Call our box office at 782-3200 for more details!

2019 20 The Public Theatre Season FlyerOr Download our Subscription Flyer

All subscription tickets are final sale, with exchanges up to 24 hours of the performance. (Exchanges are subject to availability.)

Subscription FAQ

Here are some answers to the major questions we anticipate. If you do not find your answer here, please call us at 782-2211 9-5 Monday-Friday. 

Are the seats I currently have reserved for me?

If you are a current SAME-DAY subscriber the seats you chose when you purchased or renewed your subscription remain reserved just for you until the end of the SAME-DAY EARLY RENEWAL PERIOD. Once that period ends, your seats return to the "pool" of unreserved seats and are available to any new or renewing subscribers. That doesn't mean you can't get them. If they are not taken when you do call to renew, we will gladly reserve them for you.

What if I want to change my seats next year?

During the SAME-DAY early renewal period, you can move your seats to a new day or location if it is available. If it is not, you may make an ALTERNATE SEATING REQUEST for those seats if they become available at the close of the early renewal period. These requests will be accommodated prior to the start of the Flexible Subscription period. Your subscription must be paid in order to reserve any seats.

Can I sign up for the Same-Day plan after the end of the Same-Day renewal period?

Yes. But you may not be able to get the exact same seats for every show. We will make note of the DAY and SEATS you would like, and seat you as close to that pattern as possible. When next season’s renewal period starts, we should be able to move you to those seats.

I am a Flex Sub.  Can I convert to the Same-Day Same-Seat Subscription next year?

Current FLEXIBLE Subscribers may also enter the SAME DAY-SAME SEAT Subscription plan during this renewal period, but seating is subject to availability. They, too, may specify an alternate seating choice if it should become available.

How will alternate seating requests be handled?

A “wait list” will be maintained in the order of the requests. No alternate choices will be marked on the seating charts. Alternate seating will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Renewing SAME DAY Subs will get priority for alternate seating choices. All alternate seating requests will be handled prior to the start of the FLEXIBLE Subscription renewal period.

I see that you have a Youth ticket for only $10.  Can I purchase a subscription for my child?

Yes. Please review the shows offered to make sure that they are age appropriate for your child.  A YOUTH Subscription is $40 but does not include a BONUS TICKET.


What is a full subscription?

A FULL SUBSCRIPTION consists of ONE ticket to each of the FOUR shows in our Subscription Series. We sell many subscriptions after the first, and sometimes second show of the series has already closed. Those are partial subscriptions, as we are only selling two or three shows. Those partial subscriptions are not eligible for BONUS TICKETS.

I bought a single ticket for the first subscription show, and now I want to subscribe.  Will I get a Bonus Ticket?

Yes. We couldn’t be happier if our patrons love the show so much they want to become a subscriber. If we have a record of your single ticket sale AND you subscribe before December 31, we will award the BONUS TICKET as if you had purchased a FULL subscription.

How do I use my Bonus Tickets?

You will receive ONE BONUS TICKET (a $20 value) for each FULL SAME DAY or FLEX Subscription purchased. A BONUS ticket may be used to bring another person to any single show in the subscription series. We have a record of your Bonus Tickets and whether they have been used or not. If you plan on using your bonus tickets in conjunction with your regular seats, just call to reserve them at any time. With our new system, we no longer have Bonus Ticket Vouchers. If you would like to give a Bonus ticket to a friend, you can call us and we will make arrangements, or you can simply have them call and say they are using your bonus tickets.

I'm a Same-Day Sub.  When can I schedule my Bonus Tickets?  Will my friends be able to sit with me?

You will be able to schedule your Bonus Tickets any time after the FLEXIBLE Subscription period begins, throughout the season. We may have to move your seats for that show if the seats next to your regular seats are already taken, but that won’t affect your seating for renewal purposes.

The only exception is if you have purchased FOUR subscriptions, and will be using the FOUR BONUS TICKETS to seat a patron in the same seat, ONE FOR EACH OF THE FOUR SHOWS. In that case, we can reserve FIVE seats together, as if you had purchased FIVE subscriptions. The same person doesn’t have to attend every time, and you can reschedule if necessary.

I'm a Same-Day Sub.  Can I purchase additional single tickets when I subscribe?  Will my friends be able to sit with me?

You may purchase additional SINGLE TICKETS any time after the FLEXIBLE Subscription period begins, throughout the season. We may have to move your seats for that show if the seats next to your regular seats are already taken, but that won’t affect your seating for renewal purposes.

The only exception is if you are “rounding out” your bonus tickets. Example: You bought TWO SUBS, have TWO BONUS TICKETS, and want to buy TWO SINGLE TICKETS, with the intent of having THREE people attend each show in the same seats. In that case we can reserve those seats at the time of your subscription. ALL SINGLE TICKETS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE to take advantage of this service. The same person doesn’t have to attend every time, and you can reschedule if necessary.